Saturday, May 25, 2013

                                             Video Blog Mentions Featuring Tapia-7ap!A

 Wow! Hay EDM fans I am writing this update to let you know what has gone on since premiering my video for the song Bad Acid/Dancing on the stars. I already told you guys about how video aggregators have helped to spread the video all over the place.  My video has since become a topic  that bloggers have taken to discussing about on sites like hiphopfrathouse.com, thisis50.com, groundupradio.com, smoothbloggers.com( of smoothgirl magazine) and many,many more! 

The video is  talked about as innovative,outstanding,trippy and crazy! My inspiration for the  costumes has to do with  masks that are worn at festivals in Puerto Rico and The Dominican Republic called Vejigantes. These were originally made from blown up cow bladders after 1492 celebrating the defeat of the Moors by the Spanish. The masks were taken to the Caribbean where the Spanish would parade them around  to commemorate their defeat of the Moors .The indigenous inhabitants The Arawak speaking Taino indians and the African slave population saw these masks and many of these people knew the art of making masks as the African and Taino were excellent mask makers. The descendants of these groups took the masks of caricatures of Moors and made them more elaborate. They created the Vejigantes and used them as a symbol of anti Imperialism to represent these oppressed groups. It's kind of Ironic that  oppressed groups of people such as the Taino and the African slaves would identify with these masks because they were mocking the Moors which at the time these masks came about  in the 1400's the term Moor  pretty much meant anybody of dark complexion.

 I used these masks to represent My Indigenous Taino and African ancestors. In the video it is meant to reflect how we are modern day representatives and descendants of these cultures as  we in the Caribbean are a mix of all of them!

The Song is a mix of Hip-Hop and Dub-step produced and arranged by myself and the Boy Galactic! I wanted to give Electronic music and Hip hop a completely different look than it has seen before! The director of The video Albert Genao of Genao films helped me realize my vision with quality visuals camerawork and dedication. Many bloggers are appreciating the video and talking about it I would like to thank them and anyone who has supported this movement so far. Using Google alerts I have been notified about  all these features and below I have included a listing of all I could find check it out!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

               The Proliferation of BAD ACID!

After premiering my new music video for the song "Dancing on the Starz Bad Acid" I didn't quite know what to expect. So much had gone into its production that with no budget to promote the video, I kind of felt dead in the water. However, I knew that I could try to promote the video with an organic grass roots approach. I took to Facebook to create a video premiere event. I invited friends who I have actually had interactions with, or that I have known for a long time, I only invited about 600 people to the event and listed it as premiering on the event page itself. So it was a virtual video premiere party! I hyped this premiere with still images from the rough draft of the video for about two weeks. Once premiered I had as many invited folks confirm that they would repost the video to create momentum and they actually did! We premiered May 3rd since then so much has happened around this music video. It is May 23rd and the video has over 50,000 views on YouTube!

                                Video Aggregators

The video has been reposted on over 30 video aggregators all over the world! A video aggregator is a website that collects and organizes online videos from other sources. Video aggregation is done for different purposes, and websites take different approaches to achieve their purpose. Some sites try to collect videos of high quality or interest for visitors to view. The collection may be made by editors or may be based on community votes. Another method is to base the collection on those videos most viewed, either at the aggregator site or at various popular video hosting sites . Some of the reposting is  like bootlegging of my video, but it can do nothing but add to my momentum at this point. No one really knows who I am yet and this is helping to  get the word out about my album Escape Velocity. Soon we will be going to  digital distribution to the MTV networks and BET, Fuse and many others. The video is presently on sites like Flickr, Stumbleupon,Vimeo, Bebo, Metacafe,Screencast, Rediff, Viddler, Newsvine, Dekhona, Listal, Buzznet, Popscreen, Miloop,and Cardomain and many more sites that aren't even in English! I hope and expect that this will lead to more blog placements and general attention around the video and Project. A friend helped me set up my google alerts to notify me every time my name came up on a new listing on the search engine. Below is a listing of links to every video site I could find that had my video uploaded to it! Check The video out on youtube and comment repost and enjoy!

Saturday, May 4, 2013


World Premier Of The New music Video for The Dubstep/HipHop track Dancing On the Starz/Bad Acid. The world is not ready for this.
 Dubstep/Hiphop with substance Culture and Charisma it's game changing Take a listen and read these bars!

Dancing On the Stars/ Bad Acid Lyrics©Written by Tapia- 7Ap!A™ 
Copyright 2012
Mogul Money Entertainment LLC.
Produced by Tapia/Boy Galactic

Dancing on the stars/so near yet so far /avenues and boulevards its all like a mirage/ I cant see straight I'm leant from the flashes camera scenes. For the power I ma fiend for bread and the fresh greens baby/
Dancing on the stars/so near yet so far /avenues and boulevards its all like a mirage/ I cant see straight I'm leant my twist like promethazine. For the power I'm a fiend bad acid that makes you scream baby/

Faces contort like white girls at the circus /when you resort to violence or you casually mention murder case you get what you give when you live pain you give the same / I'm a wound with no sutures from feeling nothing but pain/ I'm drunk and inebriated from feeling abbreviated and only a couple million might make me alleviated/life is like chemistry/ we're affected expectedly to get swallowed up by sins and chewed up like dentistry/it's a bad trip alcohol opiates THC/serotonin inhibitors puffs of jaraca weed/ my flows like flabotomy when I'm questioning what is commonly taken as honesty /for faking and swearing so solemnly/ I'm an anomaly to algorithms/trigonometry/calculating the difference between definite and probably/I am a dichotomy listen close when I rhyme if you listen through the hole you can hear both sides/

Dancing on the stars/so near yet so far /avenues and boulevards its all like a mirage/ I cant see straight I'm leant from the flashes camera scenes. For the power I ma fiend for bread and the fresh greens baby/
Dancing on the stars/so near yet so far /avenues and boulevards its all like a mirage/ I cant see straight I'm leant my twist like promethazine. For the power I'm a fiend bad acid that makes you scream baby/

This world is nothing but leftover thoughts god forgets/but I'll live forever within the sound of when beats connect/Tapia lethal like Crocodil kill you faster than meth/ I translate in any language understood like sex/ universal like violence sometimes the silence is what connects/ You lack control when delivering flows like turret's/ so reverse or inverse/exhert pressure push first/ incumbent thumping when dumping you jumping when guns burst/ I try to keep it enlightened and conscious like woke babies but at this level the line is thinner than hits of LSD/cause nowadays every things fake/ except me/So I wrap this up with a bow a gift for you and me/my ego is like jewelry/ I wear then take off/ don't provoke me / I'll Nicholas Cage your face off/watch me heat up/ T-minus 3-2/Takeoff/

Dancing on the stars/so near yet so far /avenues and boulevards its all like a mirage/ I cant see straight I'm leant from the flashes camera scenes. For the power I ma fiend for bread and the fresh greens baby/
Dancing on the stars/so near yet so far /avenues and boulevards its all like a mirage/ I cant see straight I'm leant my twist like promethazine. For the power I'm a fiend bad acid that makes you scream baby/

About the images and costumes in the video in TAPIA's own words:

This is proof that you can take something from us and try to make us hate ourselves and we will take it over and redefine it for ourselves we celebrate ourselves as moors Taino's africans and as the original man that is what these images represent in my video Dancing on the starz /Bad Acid:

In the 12th century St. James the apostle was believed to lead the Catholic militia to win a battle over the Moors. St. James is the patron saint of Spain and on his saints day, when people celebrated the Victory of St. James over the Moors, the vejigante represented the Moors with whom St. James fought. By the 17th century it was typical to see processionals in Spain in which vejigantes were demons meant to terrify people into going back to church. Hence, there are references of vejigantes in Cervantes' "Don Quixote" written in 1605. Back then, the vejigante symbolized the Devil in the battle between good and evil. This processional in Puerto Rico has taken on a new face because of the African and Taino influence. The Tainos were believed to be excellent mask makers. Vejigante masks are usually meant as "fright" masks
[edit]Fiestas del famoso Santiago Apóstol (The Festivals of St. James the Apostle)

St. James saint day is celebrated and in Puerto Rico with the use of the vejigantes. In today's festivals some believe that the vejigante is a figure of resistance to colonialism and imperialism. The festivals have four main characters: el Caballero (the knight), los vejigantes, los viejos (the elders), and las locas (the crazy women). The festivals in Loiza and Ponce have their own characteristics.
In Loíza, the vejigante masks are made from coconut, whose cortex has been carved out to allow a human face. The eyes and mouth are carved out of the coconut with an addition of bamboo teeth. The costume is made of "a jumper" that has a lot of extra fabric at the arms to simulate wings.[1]
In Ponce the vejigante masks are made from papier-mâché and usually contain many horns. The jump suit is very similar to the jumpers used in Loiza.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Red One just announced his record company 2101 Records partnership with Capitol records for worldwide placement, distribution and pretty much anything you can think of. Capitol records will bring 2101 records staff and executives into the Capitol Music groups, Capitol records Tower in Los Angeles to work as their new base of operations. RedOne and His executives including Ray De la Garza have caused 2101 records to experience explosive growth since the company’s inception in 2011.

RedOne's credits include Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, Akon, Usher, Mohombi, and DJ Havana Brown among others, RedOne has created more than 55 Global Hit singles in the past five years, including 28 #1 singles. His work has earned three GRAMMY Awards, he was named BMI's Songwriter of the year, as well Billboard magazine's Producer of the Year and multiple awards from the Swedish Music Publishers Association.RedOne is probably the biggest reason for the commercial success of EDM in the recent years.

RedOne’s eye for talent, composition and songwriting led to 2101 Records outstanding track record during the last two years. The label earned its first U.S. Platinum® selling single with Havana Brown's, "We Run The Night" feat. Pitbull in September 2012, and their debut Artist Mohombi hit #1 in 14 countries throughout Europe and Asia.

"Today is truly a monumental day for 2101 Records, and marks an exciting new chapter in my career. Capitol Records is a great partner for us, and we can't wait to bring our artists to music fans around the world under 2101 Records/Capitol. I look forward to working with Steve, Lucian, and my amazing team to drive 2101 to preeminence in the days, weeks, months, and years to come," stated RedOne.

Steve Barnett commented on RedOne’s capacity and Capitol Records hopes as far as the partnership by saying “we're especially relying on his acumen as an executive and his commitment to discovering and guiding new talent through 2101 Records to bring success to our partnership and enhance Capitol's reputation as a welcoming home for artists in all genres of music”.

This partnership marks the shrinkage of the entertainment industry by one record label and a step even closer to  a complete music business monopoly.
The parent company of Capitol Records is none other than Universal Music Group. Universal Music Group is a fully owned subsidiary of Vivendi.We already know what kinds of new signings are coming from this development , I think we can expect more 360° signings and when artists sign these contracts they will be that much closer to absolute presence in the entertainment industry through records, endorsements, and Films. 
Universal Music Group is the global music leader, with wholly owned operations in 60 territories. Its businesses also include Universal Music Publishing Group, one of the industry's premier music publishing operations worldwide.
Universal Music Group's record labels include A&M/Octone, Angel, Astralwerks, Blue Note, Capitol Records, Decca, Def Jam Recordings, Deutsche Grammophon, Disa, Emarcy, Fonovisa, Geffen Records, Interscope Records, I.R.S., Island Records, Lost Highway Records, Machete Music, Manhattan, MCA Nashville, Mercury Nashville, Mercury Records, Motown Records, Polydor Records, Republic Records, Universal Music Latino, Verve Music Group and Virgin Records, as well as a multitude of record labels owned or distributed by its record company subsidiaries around the world. The Universal Music Group owns the most extensive catalogue of music in the industry, which includes the last 100 years of the world's most popular artists and their recordings. UMG's catalogue is marketed through two distinct divisions, Universal Music Enterprises (in the U.S.) and Universal Strategic Marketing (outside the U.S.). Universal Music Group also includes Global Digital Business, its new media and technologies division and Bravado, its merchandising company.
This development today also reflects the direction that the major conglomerates are moving in. This shows that the EDM craze is only going to grow hopefully Redone can help push these genres in a more productive direction as far as instrumentation and creativity. Some Dance music aficionados may hate this deal and the power it gives RedOne but I think any development that will help develop more artists rather than just look for the next YouTube hit and fad is a good thing. Embrace it!