Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I recently came across some very interesting news. The “Super Producer” known as RedOne has announced a joint label venture with Cash Money Records called 2101/Cash Money. Redone has become famous for producing internationally acclaimed worldwide hits such as Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, “Just Dance”, and Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor (ft.Pitbull)”and Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” .He is combining forces with Cash Money Records owners Ronald “Slim” Williams, and Bryan “Birdman” Williams to better market and promote the artists signed to 2101 records, his record label distributed by Universal Records.

In a recent interview with Billboard Magazines’ Billboard.biz RedOne spoke about his new partnership with Cash Money and how he wants to clear up any misconceptions about their partnership. In addressing rumors he statesAll the articles that said RedOne signs to Cash Money as a producer, it's wrong, we are two labels getting together”. RedOne has evolved into much more than a simple producer, writer or composer, with the establishment of 2101 Records and his successful worldwide marketing of artists like Mohombi, Talkback and DJ Havana Brown, RedOne has become a Music Mogul.

  I think that this recent development will be beneficial for electronic music and all it’s accompanying genres. The more attention that is placed on EDM (Electronic Dance Music) the more it elevates all electronic music in general into the mainstream. The influx of new fans will grow the popularity and profitability of electronic music artist’s performances and royalties, and may help the music business in general by continuing sales. I have heard individuals mention “Pop” music in negative ways recently, to this I say that all music is an expression of human emotions. “Pop” is just the music that has become the most popular and relatable and therefor marketable. As an artist and Musician, this is what we strive for, to have an audience to perform for. I congratulate RedOne on his recent success and his Joint venture.

I  am a fan of and have researched RedOne and created a video on his biography and recent projects you can view it below. Only Here on Synkrow!

                            Super Producer RedOne's Production Biography by  Joel "Tapia" Rosario






Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hip Hop and Dubstep from the UK- FOREIGN BEGGARS

Hello Electronic Music Fans!,

This is the first in a long line of blogs dedicated to electronic music and its many offshoots and variations. My name is Tapia I am an electronic musician, Composer, Rapper, Audio Engineer and Videographer.This Blog "Synkrow" is just my take on, up and coming personalities,recording artists and trends pertaining to the electronic music genres.

The first Group I want to talk about on this,"Synkrow's" first inaugural blogpost is the UK's very own Dubstep and Hip Hop trailblazers, Foreign Beggars. Foreign Beggars is made up of three individuals ,namely, MC's Orifice Vulgatron, Metropolis,and DJ Nonames. The group has been established since 2002. They have cumulatively released 13 projects ranging from  full albums to Three song EP's.They are in Chronological order and  titled, Where Did The Sun Go(2003), Seasons Beating(2003), Asylum Speakers(2003), Bukkake Ski Trip(2006), Stray Point Agenda(2006), Beggars Brew(2006), Hit That Gash (2008), United Colors of BeggatronForeign Beggars -No Holds BarredGet A Bit More-Excision and Skism Remixes(2010), United Colors of Beggatron Remixes EP 1The Harder They Fall EP, and the present album they are promoting The Uprising on Deadmau5's very own Mau5trap label.

They are currently on tour promoting The Uprising. Foreign Beggars has toured the world extensively during the last seven years. In 2004 they won the award for the "Best New Act "at the "UK Hip Hop Awards". They were also voted "Best Group" at the "Lyric Hip Hop Awards" in 2005.They have also been nominated for best "European Hip Hop Act" at the "2010 Urban Music Awards".They are blazing new trails in merging genres in electronic music and their influence is acknowledged.They have supported artists on tour such as,Amy Winehouse,Snoop Lion,De La Soul,and Public Enemy.

Foreign Beggars Website                                                                           Foreign Beggars Youtube